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Host a competition

Host a competition

IWAS welcomes bids to host its World and regional Championships, as well as World Cups and Under 17 and Under 23 World Championships.

Staging these events is a chance for countries to showcase their ability to organise major international sport events. They attract huge interest from around the world and throw a spotlight on Para sports.

IWAS Wheelchair Fencing is also looking for bids to host satellite competitions. These are development competitions for the sport. More information, including bid documents and how to access grants, can be found here.

Date of Document Title Downloads
22 November 2017 World Cup Bid – Complete Document Package
17 March 2019 World Cup Bid Application Download
09 March 2017 Bid Application Procedure for Hosting a World Cup Competition Download
02 April 2017 Appendix – General Rules for IWAS Official Competition Download
29 November 2018 Dossier of Rules and Regulations for World Cups Download
22  November 2017 World Cup Appendix 1 Download
09 March 2017 Appendix 2 – Additional Information Download
09 March 2017 Site Visit Appendix Download
09 March 2017 Anti-Doping Agreement Download
09 March 2017 Anti-Doping Regulations Download
16 April 2019 Wheelchair Fencing Competition Guide for Organisers Download
29 June 2018 Bid Documents for 17U/23U World Championships Download
17 November 2017 Bid Documents for World  Championships Download
15 June 2017 Bid Documents for Regional Championships – Bid Form Download
15 June 2017 Bid Documents for Regional Championships – Site Visit Appendix Download